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The Last Starship - Alpha 6

Postby John » Wed Sep 13, 2023 5:59 pm

Whilst sitting at Introversion HQ we suddenly realised that far too many players weren't getting the full TLS experience, because the entrance to the game was just too brutal. We want everyone to build kick-ass ships and explore the galaxy, but if they can't make it through the first 10 minutes....

So we've spent some time beefing up the tutorial, rolling out the welcome mat and bringing everyone into the fold. If you're a seasoned salty space-dog you probably don't care about noobs, so we've introduced weapon officers, with control consoles and fixed a heap of bugs to keep you all happy...

Buying ships at a shipyard
  • Any ship from the ship library can be bought in a system with a station or shipyard

  • Beginnings of a Tutorial for Industry Mode.

  • Weapons Control Centre => Can connect to up to 4 weapons remotely and be controlled by a weapons officer, so that the connected weapons no longer require crew
  • New Crew Type - Weapons Officer needed to crew the Weapons Control Centre

Small Changes
  • Robot Arms now use Jobs to Move, Load, and Combine objects. This allows robot arms and crew to communicate, so they no longer compete to complete the same jobs at the same time.
  • Robot Arms now stop moving an object if the destination can't receive it anymore. If arm gets stuck like this, you can now cancel the arm in the right-click menu. Arms are now only stuck when an item is on the floor of the target cell.
  • Missions that are in progress when you Hyperspace Jump are now returned to the open missions list so that you can return to the destination and finish them at a later date.
  • Robot Arms now unload objects from factories that are not needed by the current recipe.
  • When the current research project finishes a popup notification appears
  • The atmospheric pressure is now shown as a percentage in a tooltip when hovering the mouse
  • New Storage Zone UI
  • Better job allocation/assignment to ensure that jobs can be completed by the entities that they are assigned to. This is noticeable when there a ship is divided into isolated areas.

Bug fixes
  • Mission Cargo/Passengers/Refuges and Trade Deals that are in progress when you hyperspace jump are now cancelled correctly and not taken to the Docking Port
  • Crew and Scientists take off spacesuits when doing longer jobs in a breathable atmosphere
  • Factories will cancel jobs when the recipe changes and the jobs object is no longer required
  • Changing/Removing a storage zone will now cancel any job coming to it if the new storage at the location is no longer compatible with what is coming to it.
  • Equipment installation jobs will stop any movement jobs to storage zones in the same location. When/if the equipment gets fully installed, the storage zones are removed.
  • Equipment installation will highlight the closest accessible box that will be used to install the equipment.
  • You can no longer place a storage zone in the location of an in-progress equipment installation
  • Research stations only draw power when required for the current research project (1MW standby draw otherwise)
  • Research station blue light now blinks
  • For exterior jobs crew no longer pick up and drop the item before acquiring a space suit
  • For exterior dismantling jobs, the box is now brought inside by the crew after dismantling
  • Visual fix to adjacent tracks connecting incorrectly. Tracks now only connect if they interact with each other.
  • Issue #108 - Fixes transferring crew when requesting to transfer a spacesuit and all spacesuits are worn
  • Issue #109 - Fixes logistics window scaling with the number of layers, rather than the number of friendly layers
  • Issue #10: Integer overflow with cash and ship value
  • Issue #95 and #113: Friendly ships added to fleet for free when flying to a shipyard
  • Issue #114: Powergrid settings are saved
  • Issue #104: Logistics screen now updates when the selected layer is switched
  • Issue #81: Mouse click and drag in the research window can no longer move the game camera
  • Issue #92: Objects can no longer be stored in non-exact cell positions
  • Issue #122: Robot Arms can now combine containers when they are on tracks
  • Issue #72: Robot Arms now indicate when they are stuck, and can be canceled.
  • Issue #16: Difficulty installing equipment in walls.
  • Issue #66: Jobs get created in inaccessible locations and get "stuck"
  • Issue #53: Crew try to store objects in a place they can't access

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