The Last Starship - Alpha 4

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The Last Starship - Alpha 4

Postby John » Thu Jun 22, 2023 5:25 pm

It’s all about mining, refining, processing, manufacturing and contributing to the biggest mega-project ever attempted!

In Alpha 4 Mark and Chris demonstrate the new Industry mode and show how to bootstrap your way from derelict space-station owner to Stargate production Tycoon.
You’ll need to build your production facility and kit her out with power supply, smelters, gas collectors, fabricators and production tables and connect them together with robot arms and tracks to turn a stream of dirty chunks of asteroid into a gleaming new Stargate.

Industry mode
  • An entirely new game mode with new starting conditions and new objectives.
  • You are joining a mega-project to construct a Stargate to the Andromeda Galaxy.
  • Industry, production and automation take centre stage.

  • New 'Industry' game mode selector in New Game screen
  • New starting ship, which is more of a ruined space station
  • Starting ship contains 'Ruined Equipment' which can be dismantled for Scrap Metal.
  • There is only one Sector in industry mode

  • Stargate Project in the main menu. Shows what parts require manufacture to advance.
  • Currently only Phase 1 and 2 of the Stargate have been created
  • Sell your Stargate Parts at any trade station to earn money and progress the project.

    • Fabricator => Makes components out of raw materials: Frame, Motor, Coil
    • Assembler => Makes Boxed equipment out of components (Eg Battery, or Stargate parts)
    • Robot Arm => Automatically lifts components and resources into and out of equipment
    • Track => Automatically moves components and resources along the direction of travel
  • Gas clouds and asteroid mineral nodes contain 100x as much raw material in Industry mode

Balance / Small changes
  • Gas Clouds now contain 10x as much gas in non-industry game modes
  • Hydroponics now uses half as much water
  • Hydroponics now loses 25% of compost per harvest. Previously 50% of compost was lost
  • Gatling Guns are now unmanned, and will automatically extend and fire when 'Battle Stations' is called
  • Munitions Factory has been renamed to Munitions Bench, as it is operated by a crew member
  • The 'Battle Stations' button will no longer show until you have at least one weapon system installed
  • Added "--safe-mode" command line argument to start game in windowed mode
  • The Install menu now auto-selects the next identical type of equipment,
    and groups all identical equipment into a single row

You can now begin a new game straight from within Creative Mode.
As soon as you perform your first FTL jump, creative mode ends
and you are placed into 'Free Roam' mode with $150k credits

Steam Workshop

Updated subscribed and published items kick off updating local corresponding preview images
All previously-updated subscribed and published items, prior to the above feature, will have their preview images also updated

Bug fixes
  • Crew trade themselves and turn invisible if they are wearing the spacesuit nearest to a docking port when a spacesuit is sold
  • Fixed: Refinery, Chemical Lab, Munitions Factory can be placed outside the ship or in walls
  • Fatal error when the ship grid is clicked in spawn mode and no equipment is selected
  • Hard rescue missions being generated early in the game (self-destruct timer/moving under thrust)
  • [ and ] able to rotate ship without thrusters
  • Fix audio glitch when mousing over overlapping buttons.
  • Fix phantom crew members that block job execution after transferring crew between ships
  • #41 Crash on hyperspace jump
  • #20 Ship/Ftl limit - buttons now appear at top of the list and are always clickable
  • #32 Crew is abandoned when jumping
  • #15 Dismantling airduct leads to immediate loss of all oxygen to the ship
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Re: The Last Starship - Alpha 4

Postby yohannathomas » Sat Feb 24, 2024 5:11 pm

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