The Last Starship Alpha 3 (Will & Harry)

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The Last Starship Alpha 3 (Will & Harry)

Postby John » Thu May 11, 2023 3:58 pm

England crowns a new King and we deliver Alpha 3 - this time it's all about the crew. Workstations and weapons now need human oversight to function meaning you'll need to devote a bit more time to keeping everyone fed and watered - good job we've introduced hydroponics so you can get on growing those space carrots!


  • New 'Hydroponics Garden' equipment is now available to buy.
  • Requires power, piped water, compost (from Waste Processing), and Seeds (also available to buy).
  • If all of these ingredients are provided, vegetables will be grown in the individual plots.
  • If water or power is cut during growth, the crop will suffer.
  • Eventually the vegetables will be harvested, producing Food and more Seeds.

Crew stations
  • Some pieces of equipment now require crew to operate.
  • The crew station can be seen in schematic view as a green circle, and must be clear from obstructions
    These include:
    • Gatling Guns
    • Cannons
    • Railguns
    • Munitions table
    • More will be added in future.

Battle Stations
  • All weapon systems in your fleet now default to 'inactive', and will appear retracted into the ship.
  • To activate your weapons, click the 'Battle Stations' button in the bottom right of the screen.
  • Each weapon system requires one crew member to operate, before it can fire.
    Nb. The order to Battle Stations is fleet wide.
  • As soon as you disable Battle Stations, crew will return to normal duties and all weapon systems will retract.

Small Changes
  • You can now sell any of your ships at a Shipyard.
    Just click the SELL button next to the layer name, top right of the screen.
    Nb. You cannot sell your final ship - ie you always need one ship in the fleet.

  • Added Vertical Symmetry to Ship Editor

  • Ship Editor state saved/restored between sessions

  • Docked ships can now be included when exporting a ship

  • Fixed crash with docking cycles (they can also no longer be created)

  • Settings menu now has options for Windowed/Fullscreen/Resolution

  • Steam Workshop
    • Published items are cached locally
    • Published items and preview images get downloaded if not already cached locally (such as on a reinstall of the game or using the game on another computer)
    • Remotely updated published items get udpated locally
    • Remotely updated subscribed items get updated locally

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