Episode 4 - Nanotech

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Episode 4 - Nanotech

Postby John » Thu Mar 04, 2021 6:58 pm

In the latest of Mark and Chris’ monthly videos looking at game ideas that didn’t see the light of day, we move from the vastness of space to the microscopic world of a petri dish. Less of a game and more of a digital toy, Nanotech explores the idea of dragging molecules and amino acids togther to create tiny creatures that operate on a sub-celluar level to stich injuries in 22nd century super-soldiers.

Sound like nonsense? That’s because it is, and hence why it’s found itself in the failure master-class, but, like a carefully crafted interactive exhibit in a science museum, it looks very cool and you’ll enjoy playing with it for half an hour.

Visit the website and watch the vid!

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