RuneScape - Runescape in bold bullying

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RuneScape - Runescape in bold bullying

Postby professionalgold » Mon Mar 18, 2019 10:02 am

I am EXTREMELY aghast in Jagex/Runescape for not accomplishing abundant to activity online and in bold blowing tactics.I accept been arena Runescape for over 12 years on assorted accounts and absolutely anticipate it is a abundant game, but my amusement of the bold is accepting disconnected by the concerted blowing approach of a affiliation in game. As it stands, I will not let my accouchement play due to the baneful behaviours of a actual loud minority.

I am a baton of an about 500 affiliate clan, and our affiliation babble is accepting bombarded by associates of accession affiliation trolling, afflictive and blowing our members. I accept attempted to accord with the bulk diplomatically with the leaders of the added clan, but they are afraid to see acumen and stop auspicious their associates from this behaviour (all stemming aback to an affair they had with a above affiliate who acclimated to be in their clan). I accept screenshot all conversations, but Jagex DO NOT accommodate a way for these to be sent, apparent and dealt with in an official way.

When brought to their attention, they say 'just abutting your Affiliation Chat', 'block and ban the individuals' or 'we will acquaint a pin arrangement to acquiesce accompany of the affiliation to enter'... none this is not suitable.

1. Closing the CC is what the bullies appetite us to do. This inhibits our adeptness to recruit, stops accompany of the affiliation from visiting and blind out, and brand a activity of fear.

2. Block and Ban.... yeah abundant idea, afresh why do Jagex abandoned activity 100 spaces on the ban list? If faced with a affiliation of 400+ concerted adjoin us, and sending in alts, and friends, 100 is NOT enough.

3. The pin abstraction does not work, first, you accept to accord it out to humans who appetite to guest, they duke it to the undesirables and we are at footfall 1 all over again.

4. Reporting them does NOTHING. We as a affiliation accept appear recidivist offenders over and over again, yet they are still in game, still afflictive and still bullying.

Saying there is a botheration is easy, how can Jagex fix the issue?

1. If a amateur is reported, a log is captured of the conversations that amateur had had. This is alleged Metadata. Jagex accept admission to attending at this, they allegation to attending at this appropriately and yield activity properly. If anyone is appear assorted times for an offence, investigate and aphasiac them. If they accumulate accomplishing it afterwards accepting aerial in the past, annul the annual as aperture of agreement of annual (we all agreed to agreement if we active up).

2. Access the breadth of the Ban Annual for clans. 100 is not enough. Change it to be like the claimed avoid annual area you can add addendum to admonish as to why they are on the list. Accomplish the annual filterable by name and so you can see if a name has been changed.

3. There is an advantage to aphasiac affiliation associates in CC, this accept to be an advantage to use on guests (make it a appropriate bang advantage on their name). Aphasiac stays unless removed by a ranked affiliate (as bent in Affiliation Settings the buyer can set)

4. Get added Amateur Mods. I accept apparent 2 in the endure year. This is not enough.

5. Get JMods in bold undercover. See for themselves what it is like.

I apperceive I am not the abandoned one to feel the annoyance categorical here, and I am acquainted this is the tip of the iceberg, but all of this is achievable afterwards that abundant of a cipher change.

The abandoned way to abolish the adeptness of a keyboard warrior is to abolish their adeptness to forward abhorrent messages.

Come on Jagex, amuse footfall up RuneScape gold! Be a baton in the activity adjoin online bullying, Guthix would!

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