An easy way to make money legally

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An easy way to make money legally

Postby jakesantiago » Sat Jan 12, 2019 10:19 am

I had noticed an easy way to earn money... Even I earned about half MILLION credits without pain!

First, you must have the right tools for hacking into Global Criminal Database through this.
Okay, then go to Uplink International Services Machine, then accept missions, where you must ruin someones life (For example "Qualifications needed for a healthy professional"). Accept about ten missions.

Then hack into Global Criminal Database, and search for criminal records. Add some crimes to the list (for example "Robbery" and so on...). Remember to add "Parole" -word to the list. Now click arrest. It says "This man will be arrested in three hours." Do this to the missions what you accepted. Clean the logs (of course) and connect to Uplink Internal Services machine and go to News-section. Wait until the news about polices arrest a man and reply those emails. There you go!

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