Controls not working on macOS Sierra

Problems with the Mac version of Darwinia

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Controls not working on macOS Sierra

Postby Virtyoz » Wed Nov 22, 2017 1:25 am

I have a MacBook Pro 2017. I can't control anything with keyboard except modification and international keys. I mean, Alt, Tab, Space and arrows work great, but none of letter keys do. I can't open help menu, I can't use keyboard to navigate (WASDQEZ have no effect). I tried to change controls, but when I try to set new key for any action in controls options, any key I press appears as '0' in options menu. :(

There are some people with this problem: ... 410769286/

It would be great if you could fix the issue.

Best regards, Artur.

Installed Multiwinia from Steam and it has the same issue :(
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Re: Controls not working on macOS Sierra

Postby Xeron » Fri Jan 31, 2020 5:02 am

If none of the keys work, your Mac might display a low battery warning that you don’t see. To see the warning, plug your Mac into an electrical outlet or external keyboard. Try to hold the key longer. For these keys, there is a slight delay in action in order to prevent a reaction to accidental pressing. In this article: you can find out in detail what needs to be done.
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Re: Controls not working on macOS Sierra

Postby janicenorley » Wed Mar 18, 2020 4:07 pm

mac is amazing and I'm using it from past one year but Still don't know how to protect data in mac.
Can anyone help me with this?
thank you!
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