"Failed to publish mod" - Unable to update my mod

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"Failed to publish mod" - Unable to update my mod

Postby HiddenKnowledge » Mon Mar 13, 2017 1:27 pm

Whenever I try to update my mod I get the message: "Failed to publish mod" / "Your mod failed to publish.".

My manifest:

Code: Select all

Name "Staff Detector Addon"
Description "Adds various staff detectors to the game. Should work in combination with existing staff detectors."
IsTranslation false
FileID F757588911
SteamAuthor A76561198077777922
Author HiddenKnowledge
Version v0.3
Date 03/13/2017

The relevant log messages:

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[SteamWorkshopWrapper::UpdateWorkshopFile] Updating current prison
[SteamWorkshopWrapper::UpdateWorkshopFile] Creating published file update request
[SteamWorkshopWrapper::UpdateWorkshopFile] Failed to set some update values
[SteamWorkshopWrapper::PublishMod] Failed to update prison
[ModSystem::SetPublishedFile] Failed to publish file -1
[CodexModsWindow::FilePublished] File -1 published unsuccessfully

I verified the game files and tried the beta versions as well.

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