[MOD] Solar Power Stations [V1.0 Stable]

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[MOD] Solar Power Stations [V1.0 Stable]

Postby murgh » Thu Apr 14, 2016 9:10 pm

It's the end of the 80's and 'green power' has been introduced. Due to the rising oil price and the growing needs for electricity for new stuff like boilers, you are forced to invest into something more cost efficient to get power nowadays. Discard the smelly old diesel power station and replace it with solar panels, designed to be placed right next to the road.

Each solar power group consists of 8 solar panels and can hold up to 40 capacitors: plenty of juice for anything you might need.

NOTE: this will completely mess up any saved game with 'traditional' power stations, so you'd better dismantle those first before loading this...

Download V1.0 here: http://prison-exchange.com/browse/mods/ ... -stations/



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Re: [MOD] Solar Power Stations [V1.0 Stable]

Postby supercargohalo » Thu Aug 09, 2018 1:01 pm

I'd like to discuss a 5,000 watt PV system on the roof of a van. The inspiration of this post came up after reading about it here

The long version, is that I am considering ordering a new 1-ton dually 170" wheelbase extended tall roof Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van and converting it for full-time stealth van living for my wife and I, until we're too old to do it anymore. I plan to insulate the van well, but I'd like for us to be able to make generous use of a large air-conditioner, as well as running LED interior lights, water pump, and both laptops all day long, without relying on shore power, and we're not interested in running from hot weather to do it. I've looked into many methods of powering the electricals, to include a 3kw diesel generator mounted under the back of the van, super-quiet Honda generator hidden inside a sealed box in the back with external forced ventilation, a second alternator, and combinations of those paired with a more modest solar system, and all three major types of batteries typically used for these types of purposes (flooded, AGM, and lithium).
I have an extensive background in auto repair, to include having specialized in chassis electrical, among other things, so I'm fairly handy, and I'm not quite starting from zero knowledge. But there is even more stuff that I don't know, when it comes to something like this.

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