Prisoners will not leave Holding cell

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Prisoners will not leave Holding cell

Postby philmo » Sun Apr 26, 2015 11:37 pm

I am new to the game but have watched several tutorials to help my start.

Main issue is I cannot get prisoners to leave the holding cell.

I have built enough cells and equipped them, at the right size.

I only have minimum security prisoners and have even unlocked deployment to ensure the cells are set to this.

Still the same - the prisoners do what ever is planned for the day, and at sleep time go back to holding cell.

One or two go to cells, our of 37.

If I click on them individually to go to a cell - they are taken, but then leave straight away.

Any help much appreciated.
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Re: Prisoners will not leave Holding cell

Postby Jank » Mon Apr 27, 2015 5:26 am

Un-zone the Holding Cell. That will trigger every one to look for a new home. The cells will fill. Then you re-zone the Holding Cell for the wayward stragglers and all is well.

Or zone the existing Holding Cell to be Protective Custody only, and they will all look for new homes, and they'll leave. Then when every cell is full, make it Shared Access again, and all is well.

Also. make sure you didn't zone a ton of cells as one big cell accidentally. Every cell should have the word cell in it.

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