As you can see from this news page

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As you can see from this news page

Postby Chris » Wed Sep 21, 2005 12:00 am

As you can see from this news page, an entire year has passed since our previous update! We've been extremely busy with our latest game Darwinia, and the Uplink forums have become a much more up-to-date place to get your Uplink news anyway.

We're sure you noticed the rather strange logo that filled for a few days. This was the result of a viral marketting campaign involving Introversion Software and Manga, to promote the "Ghost in the Shell : Stand Alone Complex" tv series. It's a spin off from the animated movie "Ghost in the Shell" and features a heavy amount of hacking. We released a customised version of the Uplink demo, styled to match the tv series and including a new mini-plot relating to one of the mysterious characters - a hacker who calls himself The Laughing Man. Manga have been running a similar promotion at You can still get the cool demo we made here.

We don't normally participate in promotions of this kind (and there have been quite a few other offers to do so with Uplink), but in this case we decided to make an exception. We've had the chance to reach thousands of Manga fans who enjoy Ghost in the Shell, who may also enjoy a video game about hacking. It's a whole other group of people that we've never had the chance to reach. We also felt the subject matter fitted Uplink very well, and we loved the whole consipiracy plotline around The Laughing Man and thought it would make a great mini-story.

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