Demo of Uplink as a B-side on the Darwinia CD

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Demo of Uplink as a B-side on the Darwinia CD

Postby Chris » Sun May 09, 2004 12:00 am

We are planning to include the demo of Uplink as a B-side on the Darwinia CD. Hopefully this will mean a lot of new people who like Darwinia will find the Uplink demo and try it. In light of this, we've decided to update the demo to the latest version - 1.31. Would you believe we still have the version 1.0 demo on our website? That first build of the game has some nasty crash bugs, which we still get emails about. Anyway, we've rebuilt the demo to version 1.31, and we need your help to test it for us.

You can download the new demo (Beta2) for Windows here.

We'd like you to download and play it for us. The demo has its own little subplot (if you remember...its probably been ages since any of the Die Hard uplink fans played the demo). The basic idea is that the player does the Test mission, then plays 2 or 3 file copy or file delete missions. Then he gets access to academic database hacks. He does one of these, then ARC get in touch with him and ask him to change someone's social security number. He does that, but then the person who's record was changed "commits suicide". That's the end of the demo game plot. Once the player has gained a couple of levels the game should shut down the user account, stating that you're not allowed to go any further unless you buy the full thing.

Please test the demo to death - try to hack it, try to get as far as you can without losing your account. We're wondering if its possible to do LAN hacks from within the might be, assuming you can get enough money together.

Please report all bugs found in the new demo in the Bug Reports forum (don't email them to us), and clearly mark your threads so we know which ones apply to the new Demo.

Thanks for your help.

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