The last few months have been an exceptionally busy time

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The last few months have been an exceptionally busy time

Postby Chris » Sat Jan 31, 2004 1:00 am

The last few months have been an exceptionally busy time for Introversion. We've really zoomed in on what it is we're trying to do with <the next game>, and the result is that it feels like we actually know what we're doing now. <The next game> is still many months away from completion - currently we think we'll finish the alpha version by May, which is (again) several months later than our previous estimate of March. This really is our difficult second album, but we really do want to get it right. Fingers crossed, we'll announce the game and have a preview in one of the UK gaming magazines (you can probably guess which one) around March/April, and then you'll all get to see what has absorbed all of our lives for the past 18 months.

In other news

- Uplink showed up in PC-Gamer UK's feature "Fowl Play : The top 50 Easter Eggs ever", in the January 2004 issue. Coming in at number 44, Gamer mentioned the PI easter egg and associated credits list.

- PC Format UK had a feature called "The 50 Scariest Gaming Moments", written by none other than Kieron Gillen in the February 2004 issue. Uplink shows up at number 10 for its Trace Tracker software and associated bleeping noises when the Feds are onto you.

- Computer Gaming World awarded Uplink "Adventure Game of the Year" in its March 2004 issue, which is amazing for several reasons - firstly that the March issue of any mag is available in January, secondly that Uplink came out two and a half years ago, and thirdly that we beat off competition from the likes of Broken Sword 3. Cheers guys!

- Around a year ago Introversion did a short 3 minute tv interview for We've only just noticed that the video is available from their website - so check it out if you want to see what Mark and Tom look like :)

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