One year since the PC Gamer Top 100

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One year since the PC Gamer Top 100

Postby Chris » Fri Aug 08, 2003 12:00 am

Would you believe it's been a whole year since the PC Gamer Top 100 of 2002? Amazing, it really doesn't seem that long ago at all. For those that don't remember, PC Gamer voted Uplink the 89th Greatest Game of all time back in 2002, which is nice. You can see a scan of the page here. We were very pleased with this, but we we're amazed when Uplink came in 9th out of 100 in the Readers top 100 of 2002. Scan here. Cleary there is a difference of opinion between you (the gamers) and PC Gamer - to the order of 80 places. We always knew they underestimated us ;)

So anyway, this year PC Gamer has voted us the 92nd Greatest Game of all time, which is nice. We're really honoured that those nice chaps at Future still think about us when they're compiling their lists. And I suppose it's plausable that 3 new games came out this year that are better than Uplink ;)

PC Gamer has this to say about us : "While Uplink may not be the greatest game of all time, it's certainly the most austere, clever, articulate, underground and generally punk rock hacking game in existence. Yes, it's in a field of one, but unique statements are exactly what the PC needs more of. Dismissing all but the most iconic of graphics, Uplink cleverly proofed itself against the ravages of age. It'll play as well in a million years as it does today. Put it in a time capsule, and our great-great-great-great grandchildren will thank us."

I like that...the image of gaseous formed super-humans after a million years of evolution playing Uplink on an emulator ;)

We need your help to secure a decent place in the Readers Top 100. It wouldn't look very good for the Uplink community if we dropped out of the list now would it....people would suspect foul play on our part in last years survey ;)

What we want you to do is to buy PC Gamer UK (September 2003 issue) and fill in the form on page 68. Last year we had a scan of that page, we might do that this year. Put Uplink in your top 10 (preferably at #1) and send it to the address printed in the mag. If enough people from the Uplink community do this then we'll have a good place secured in this years Readers Top 100. We would ask that you _don't_ put Uplink down in every slot in your top 10, as they'll just throw your entry away.

Last year PC Gamer devoted an entire column (right of the page) to determining if Introversion had in some way scammed it's way into such a high position, even exposing one particular community member( Leander "elDiablo" Hambley, one of the original beta testers and long time Uplink community member) as a definite case of fraud. Although all he actually did was use a scan of the form from our website, and their rules specifically permit the use of photocopied forms, so we reckon we've been hard done. We're not cheating - we can _ask_ people to vote for us, just as any other game company in the world can _ask_ their fans to vote for them if they choose. We don't see any harm in that - it's just symbolic of our unusually close connection to the Uplink community that so many people come out to help us. We have good electoral turn out ;) You won't see EA asking it's Sims fans to vote for it, and that's because they don't really give a shit. It means something to us.

We've asked the Uplink fans for help before, and you've never let us down yet. As always, Introversion is in debt to it's community. Thank you.

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