Mac Uplink is now available to buy!

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Mac Uplink is now available to buy!

Postby Chris » Tue May 27, 2003 12:00 am

Mac Uplink is now available to buy!

It's taken us a long time to get this finished, and it's slightly late, but it's finally done. The Mac version was ported by Contraband Entertainment, and is published by Ambrosia Software online. Introversion Software will be handling boxed copies. If you haven't played it yet you can download the Demo here. Otherwise, please proceed straight to the Orders page and get buying!

If you'd like to receive a boxed copy of the game then you should order from us at our orders page and we'll ship a copy out to you, anywhere in the world. You can also purchase a downloadable full version of Uplink from Ambrosia Software, Inc.:

We've set up a new Mac forum specifically to talk about the new release. Get chatting!

In other News

Our apologies to all those waiting for the Dev CD - understandably we've been focussing on the Mac release. The DevCD release date is now set for mid June.

And regarding the PocketPC version, please stop mailing us - this version isn't dead, we've just pushed it back a little to allow for these other projects. Sometimes it sucks to be a small company, we can only really handle one release at a time, and the PocketPC version has been on hold for a while because of this. Watch this space though.

Some very very late news stories: (sorry, you wouldn't believe what a month it's been ;)

- Flamekebab and Stewsburntmonkey have set up the Uplink Directory - a site for everyone in the Uplink community to upload their mugshot and vital statistics. We never realised there were so many of you ;)

- Mazda informs me he has set up a new Uplink site entitled Connection Failure

- Icepick's site Modlink has moved to

- Punisher Bass has updated his Gateway Guide, read it here

- Matthew Hart sends in a piece of Fan Fiction called Mistake

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