Uplink: Hacker Elite in North America

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Uplink: Hacker Elite in North America

Postby Chris » Wed Mar 12, 2003 1:00 am


Uplink : Hacker Elite has shipped in stores across North America!

Due to the size and scale of the American market (everything is ten times bigger than the UK) we felt we had to go with a well known American publisher to reach the maximum number of players. Strategy First offered us that opportunity. It's worth noting that "Uplink:Hacker Elite" is the same game as "Uplink", and the patches / mods / save games / support etc available on this site will be totally compatible.

So what are you waiting for? If you live in the USA and you haven't yet played the cult underground hit of 2002, get yourself down to your nearest Games Retailer and get buying!

More information is available here

In other news

It's been nearly a month since our last update, so here is everything that's happened in the world of Uplink.

einstein informed me that he will be departing the Uplink community. einstein has been running Downlink since as long as I can remember, and has also been a moderator on the Uplink forums for many months. He will be missed. This means the end of Downlink in it's current incarnation. Although Downlink has shut down a couple of times before, only to rise from the ashes at a later date....

The AWOL computing website has moved to this new URL. Update your bookmarks - this site hosts some of the best gateways available. They have also been working on a Sims mod recently, complete with Sims of the Uplink team and many of the Uplink veterans. Fantastic ;)

Anybody here like the BlueValley music in Uplink? (the opening track). Of course you do. The author ([url=mailto:karsten.koch@aufgang.org]Karsten Koch[/url]) has been busy, and sends along word that more of his music is available on his website. Have a listen - it's great stuff.

Some new reviews of Uplink:Hacker Elite have popped up since it's USA release. It's been ages since we had new reviews to read - the last web review was back in August last year!

Review on GameChronicles [score 8.7 out of 10]

Review on GamersClick [score 72%]

Review on GameClubCentral [score 9 out of 10]

Review on GameZone.com [score 7 out of 10]

Finally, we have two new pieces of Fan Fiction.

"The Unknowing Intruder" by Thomas Bottrill - click here

"Hacker : Lies and Deceit" by Indefinitive - click here

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