Anyone remember the old Jewel Case CD units?

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Anyone remember the old Jewel Case CD units?

Postby Chris » Mon Feb 17, 2003 1:00 am

Anyone remember the old Jewel Case CD units that Uplink used to ship in? The last time we sold these was over a year ago. We recently had a dig around our garages and found a few boxes of them, just lying there, looking very under appreciated ;) We immediately decided we had to find homes for these poor little CDs, so we've decided to sell them. And just to sweaten the deal a little we've personally numbered and autographed every one of them. We think we've got about three hundred of them ready to sell. These are truly Limited Edition - they've been out of print for well over a year, and it's highly unlikely we'll ever print any more of them ever again.

They're available now on our Order Online page, priced £19.99. We've also extended the Bonus Disk deal, so you can get the Bonus Disk half price if you order it with the Limited Edition CD. Of course, the DVD copies are still there as well, so you've got the choice. I know which one i'd choose ;)

In other news

Einstein has informed me that he is accepting registrations for his new Downlink Challenge. I've had a glimpse at what he's planning, and it's pretty amazing. This is undoubtedly the most in-depth challenge i've seen yet - made up of several smaller challenges which all mix together. I also know what some of the prizes are, since we donated them, but i've noticed Einstein is keeping quiet about specifics so i'll do the same. Rest assured though, they are cool ;) The challenge will be starting soon, (you'll get a 24 hour warning) and you can register here.

Modlink should be updated shortly - Icepick has been having problems connecting to it recently. Just a reminder that the Modlink CDs are still available from his site - pretty much the definitive collection of Mods and addons for Uplink.

Virulent Virus has sent in Part 4 of his story "Freedom". You can read it (and the first 3 parts) here.

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