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Lots of news today

Postby Chris » Sat Jan 18, 2003 1:00 am

Lots of news today...it's the London Bus Effect.

Strategy USA Deal

Introversion Software has signed a deal with Strategy First to publish and sell Uplink in the USA. You can read the full press release here. This is excellent news and we're delighted - we've never been big enough to set up shop distribution of Uplink in the USA on our own. The version shipped will be a repackaged v1.01 (the same one that's in shops in the UK right now), with some minor changes - logos mostly. It should be available in early this year.

Modlink CD

Icepick has released a Modlink CD. You can read all about it on his site here. Description from his site :

On the CD you will find every Mod that is on Modlink, including all the old Mods converted to work with the patch! As well as this, there is a full history of Modlink, and the UHL, and a whole load of extras, Including all 4 Gamebibles decrypted and ready for viewing, and even some exclusive info on Introversion Software's next game!!! The CD costs £4.50 GBP, or $7 USD depending on where you order from, and can be paid for using PayPal or mail order. Click here to order from the Modlink website.

PC Gamer Readers Top 100

The votes for the PC Gamer UK Top 100 Readers Poll are in, and Uplink came in 9th place! (February 2003 issue 119)This is a substantial jump from the 89th place the PC Gamer staff voted us in at, which we can only assume means you like the game more than PC Gamer ;) A big thank-you from us to everyone who voted for us - we're absolutely chuffed to bits about this. Sharing the Top 10 with games like Medieval:Total War, GTA III and Deus Ex is something we never even dreamed of. Looks like another underground victory for the Uplink community!

If anyone could scan the page in for us, we'd be very greatful.

Happy Penguin Awards

Bob Zimbinski has informed me that Uplink has been nominated for 5 Happy Penguin awards.

- Best Non-Free Linux Game

- Best Non-Free Single Player Strategy Game

- Best Non-Free Simulation

- Best Sound/Music

- Most Original or Unique Game

The Linux gaming community nominates its favorite games for the Happypenguin Awards and then votes for the winners at the Linux Game Tome. The voting period has just started and will run through January 27. More information about the awards (and the vote page) is available here. This means voting has already started, and you can see the results so far as well. Uplink isn't doing too well at the moment, so we need you to help out. We've done this a thousand times now...you know what to do ;)

Other News

My apologies to Razer Steel, for printing his story "Born Again Hacker" but missing the final paragraph off. I've corrected this and you can read the full thing here.

There is a new piece of fan fiction entitled "Freedom", written by Virulent_Virus. He's written three parts so far and promises more soon. Click here to read it.

elDiablo has updated his story "Don't Fix" with parts II and III. Click here to read it.

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