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Welcome back

Postby Chris » Thu Jan 09, 2003 1:00 am

Welcome back - we hope you all had a very nice Christmas. Lots of things should be happening for Uplink this year, so watch this space. We've got a lot of things going on regarding Uplink right now, some of which seem to have been in the pipeline for months.

Firstly, the worst kept secret of them all - Uplink is nearly ready for Mac! Introversion has teemed up with Ambrosia Software and Contraband Entertainment to make this happen. The game is currently in the Beta test phase. Observant readers might have seen the secret project codenamed "Wargames" on Contraband's site a few months ago, which was actually Uplink in disguise. We will be selling the Mac versions in the UK from this very website, and American customers will be able to buy directly from Ambrosia. If everything goes to plan, we are hoping for a worldwide release in early March.

Icepick's logo competition has come to a close, with the winning entry created by GroovyPigThing. You can see the rest of the competition entries here. He'll be receiving a copy of Uplink signed by all three members of Introversion. If i'm not very much mistaken, Groovy already has one of the few rare Beta versions of Uplink, and one of the hand-made Jewel-Case CDs, complete with gold disk and bubble-jet printed inlay cards. Priceless ;)

PunisherBass has informed me that the popular Uplink Gateway site "AWOL Computing Inc" has moved to this new address. The new site doesn't have any banners or pop-up ads, which makes it much more enjoyable to browse.

I've finally got round to uploading the last of the articles and reviews about us from last year. You can read our three page article in Develop Magazine, including terribly embarrasing pictures of me dressed as a guerrila warrior. Page 1. Page 2. Page 3. You can also read our tiny Patch Review in PC Gamer, and our review in 101 PC Games.

There is a new piece of Fan Fiction, entitled "Last Man Standing", written by TOR tor6@wp.pl. Click here to read it.

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