Poster competition finished

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Poster competition finished

Postby Chris » Mon Nov 11, 2002 1:00 am

The poster competition has finally been wrapped up and the winners decided. A big thanks from Introversion Software to all those people who submitted posters to us. To find out who won, have a look here.

Icepick has informed me that he will be running the forth UHL (Uplink Hacking League) challenge, starting on Wednesday at 8pm GMT. For those who've never been involved in a UHL challenge before, the basic idea is that you download a file from Icepick's site and try to complete a challenge as fast as possible - normally involving a seriously challenging LAN system of some sort. Points are then awarded depending on how fast you responded. More details on this challenge are available here.

PunisherBass has conducted a 15 question interview with Chris - the author of Uplink. You can read the interview here.

We've experienced a little bit of downtime today - the result of a Server reboot which took over an hour. Sorry about that.

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