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PC-Gamer UK Top 100

Postby Chris » Sat Oct 26, 2002 12:00 am

Uplink has made it into the PC-Gamer UK Top 100 - at position 89. This is a fantastic suprise for us - we never thought we'd even be considered. Position 89 is a little low though - so we need your help. This top 100 was created by the writers at PC Gamer, and it will be followed by a Reader top 100 a month later. It would mean a lot to us if you could help out and cast your vote for Uplink. You can do this by buying a copy of PC Gamer (December 2002 issue) and turning to the last page of the top 100 feature. There you will find a voting slip which you can use for Uplink in your very own top 10.

We've had some reports of problems getting Linux Uplink to run on Redhat 8.0, due to a binary incompatability. The game just crashes on startup. Download this file and follow the instructions - it should sort your problems.

There is a new Uplink fansite at this address. Thanks to Agent Kefcom for that.

Uplink is reviewed on Online Gaming Addicts. Click here to read the review. Thanks to Mick for that.

There is another new Uplink fansite at this address. They have an interactive story called "Project Landline" - it's pretty interesting. Thanks to Darkshine for that.

PunisherBass has submitted a new piece of Fan Fiction, entitled "I Own a small company". Click here to read it. PunisherBass is a long standing veteren of Uplink, and even has his own site where you can download some truly fantastic Gateways, all made by A.W.O.L computing (the "small company" of the story). We really do love these fan fiction stories - sometimes it takes us a while to get around to reading them, but we do appreciate the effort that goes into them. Have a look at the bottom of our Other Files page for more Uplink fan fiction, and keep 'em coming!

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