Uplink is reviewed in GamesMaster magazine (UK) June edition

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Uplink is reviewed in GamesMaster magazine (UK) June edition

Postby Chris » Sat Jul 20, 2002 12:00 am

A few small bits of news today

Uplink is reviewed in GamesMaster magazine (UK) June edition, scoring 80%.

There is an article in Develop Magazine Issue 19 (July), written by us, titled "Guerrilas in our midst". It's all about the underground games world - and the (supposed) death of the bedroom programmer. We also have our pictures on the cover of the magazine, so we're pretty pleased ;) If anyone is wondering what we look like, this is the place. This mag can be quite hard to get hold of, but here would be a good starting point.

I'm planning on getting a scanner and scanning all of these magazine reviews in sometime soon. A few people have requested this.

A new piece of fiction has been added to the Other Files page - called "Ardan Dulce est Decorum" and written by Ardan. You can read it here.

Icepick has kindly informed me that his popular site Modlink is back up and running. Uplink 1.2 now has lots of new modding features that enable people to customize the game with skins, gateways and LANs, and Modlink is THE place to go to download these things. If you have a mod that you've made for Uplink, please send them to [url=mailto:Icepick72@ravinglunatic.co.uk]Icepick[/url] rather than to us guys at Introversion.

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