The Nakatomi Patch for Uplink is now available for download

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The Nakatomi Patch for Uplink is now available for download

Postby Chris » Wed Jul 10, 2002 12:00 am

This patch represents the culmination of six months of development. It includes new gameplay (much of it aimed at the Die Hard Uplink fans that we know exist ;). It includes new addons that allow greater connectivity with other people also playing the game. It includes new theming options. It fixes long standing bugs. It finally puts the tools in the hands of the Mod community that will enable them to properly customize Uplink and add new content.

The Windows and Linux patches are both available from the Other Files section of our site. Please feel free to mirror these files yourself. Over the next couple of days we will distribute a skins pack, and perhaps some new Gateways, so you can see what is possible.

In short, this is a big patch. We almost didn't manage it today. Thanks to all those who helped us get it finished.

<Chris finally collapses> We hope you all enjoy it.

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