There is a new review of Uplink on

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There is a new review of Uplink on

Postby Chris » Sat Jul 06, 2002 12:00 am

There is a new review of Uplink on - click here to read it. This new review has finally forced me to redesign the "Other Sites" section of our website, since that page was getting very very long. We've had a lot of coverage in the last nine months, and it's left me with no choice but to split the page into four sub-pages - Fansites, Magazine Reviews, Web Reviews, and Articles. Still, it's done now and I won't have to do it again ;)

Project Nakatomi is now due for release on Wednesday 10th July - five days from now. I think we'll have a bit of a countdown. This is a couple of days later than planned, but hey what did you expect. Everyone has waited six months for this, and for that we are sorry - but a couple more days won't make that much difference. We're fairly confident you're going to enjoy it when you get it.

Finally, we have a winner for the Treasure Hunt. Well, two winners actually, since they both downloaded the file within seconds of each other. The winners are SURIV and False - congratulations to those people for exceptional work. An honourable mention must also go to the Project Nakatomi Task Force (of which SURIV was a member) for keeping everyone up to speed and doing a damn good job of grouping all the info into one place. We always said that the winners would be groups of people who worked together and shared knowledge - and this is exactly what happened. Well done guys!

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