The Treasure Hunt is going nicely

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The Treasure Hunt is going nicely

Postby Chris » Tue Jul 02, 2002 12:00 am

The Treasure Hunt is going nicely - it seems like everyone is having a good time trying to keep up with us. Some groups have done especially well - the Project Nakatomi Task Force are a particularly impressive group - well done guys. You'll need to stay sharp - the site is changing all the time, and almost everything that is currently happening on this site is related to the Treasure Hunt - even things you might not expect - everything from curious filename extensions to archived news articles.

That does not include the recent disaster with the forums by the way. We'd like to thank whoever was responsible for wasting a few hours of our time while we fixed that.

If you have been following the Treasure Hunt but haven't found any clues yet - well, you're just not trying hard enough ;)

At this point we should clear a few things up. Firstly, the target of this treasure hunt will be GameBible Four. Within a couple of days there will be enough information to complete the challenge. This particular GameBible starts at the end of Uplink v1.1 development, and covers the design of project Nakatomi right up to the present day. It will also include a couple of pictures. The first people to find GameBible Four will be able to claim success by telling us what is in those pictures.

Project Nakatomi is now due for release in one week.

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