The Uplink Bonus Disk is now available for purchase

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The Uplink Bonus Disk is now available for purchase

Postby Chris » Tue Jun 25, 2002 12:00 am

The Uplink Bonus Disk is now available for purchase.

After giving the issue a great deal of thought, we decided that the current method of distribution simply was not working - not enough people were able to complete the task necessary to claim a Bonus Disk. For those not already aware, if you convinced a friend of yours to buy Uplink then we'd send you a free Bonus Disk. Sadly it seems you aren't quite the sales people we'd hoped for ;) The number of people claiming their free Bonus Disk has been low - lower than we'd expect, and recent discussions on the Forum have convinced us to start selling the Disk. Of course, you'll still be able to claim a free one in the usual manner - convince a friend to buy Uplink - but if you've got no hope of that happening then perhaps you'd like to purchase one instead.

The Bonus Disk doesn't contain as much as the full game, hence the price is much lower. UK buyers will pay just a fiver for one, and our American friends will have to pay the tiny sum of $7.00 - all including delivery of course. An excellent deal if you ask us.

Click on the Order Online button to buy your Bonus Disk now!

On a different subject, we've been pleased to see the website treasure hunt has been taken up whole-heartedly by a few Die Hard Uplink fans, and some progress has already been made. Well done! I was particularly impressed with the idea of using Google Cache to detect changes, but unfortunately that method will only get you so far. Not everything is going to be that simple ;)

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