After eight days in L.A, we're back.

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After eight days in L.A, we're back.

Postby Chris » Mon May 27, 2002 12:00 am

After eight days in L.A, we're back. We met so many people while we were out there - some of them were idiots and some of them were really helpful. In any case, we made lots of presentations and showed the game in its various forms (PC, Mac, Pocket PC etc) to loads of different groups. This is the first time we've shown the Pocket PC version to anyone, and we're pretty excited about it (just because it's soooo cool ;) and everything seemed to go ok in the demos. The Mac version is coming along nicely as well - more info just as soon as that's sorted. Over the next couple of weeks we'll be sorting out the deals for these products, and we'll announce anything we have here as soon as possible.

E3 was both exciting and extremely depressing. There were some games on display that blew us away - DoomIII, the new Zelda game etc. Trent Reznor was hanging around the Doom booth for a while. But the majority was more of the Same Old Shit. You don't realise how corporate the whole industry is until you visit a convention like this. It's difficult to imagine how we (the games industry) are going to get out of this situation. The whole event was like a giant playground - any kid under 15 would have died of excitement as they rushed from stand to stand, but it was for adults only. And A lot of the people there wore suits and looked like they'd never played a game in their entire life.

I'd like to say that the trip was for busines only, but of course it wasn't. One of the things us Brits love is the fact we can walk into a shooting range in LA and blow the crap out of things with increasingly large weapons for an entire afternoon. You can't do that in London ;)

Maybe i'll put some pictures up soon. Soon.

I've been out of touch for the past week, so if you have any news for me please re-submit it to my email address. I came back to four hundred emails, and there is no way i'm going through all of them.

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