Uplink is slowly making its way onto the high street

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Uplink is slowly making its way onto the high street

Postby Chris » Tue Apr 23, 2002 12:00 am

Uplink is slowly making its way onto the high street, in the UK at least. You can now buy our game from HMV. So if you've been waiting to buy the game and don't have a credit card, you should have no problems getting it now from your local store. I've updated the resellers page to include the full list of places from which you can buy Uplink.

Ravenshadow's contest to win a bonus disk has come to a close, with Astral being declared the winner. Congratulations. It would be interesting to actually see the winning entry ;) Click here for more details.

Speaking of contests, Icepick has now started up his own at his fantastic site Modlink. You have to design a Gateway (there are lots on display at his site) and the prize is (again) a bonus disk. Strength in diversity!

There is a new Uplink website called "Anti-Trust", at this address. Thanks to Ezuret for that.

Uplink is reviewed in the April edition of PC-Gamer Italy ("Giochi Per Il Mio Computer!"), scoring a healthy 7 out of 10. We'd really appreciate it if anyone could provide us with a translation so we can see what is being said about us.

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