Time for an update on the patch I suppose

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Time for an update on the patch I suppose

Postby Chris » Sun Apr 21, 2002 12:00 am

Time for an update on the patch I suppose. I should start by apologising to everyone who is waiting - this really is taking a stupid amount of time, and yes we are getting scared. It has a lot of expectations riding on it, so we want to get it right. I've said before that we wouldn't give you a release date, for fear of missing it. We've missed all three of our internal release dates totally, so it's a damn good job we kept them quiet or you'd be burning Uplink in your backgardens right now. All I will say is that we are down to the last issue that remains - everything in the patch is finished and ready except for this one thing, which has to be right or the whole thing will suck. It will be worth it in the end.

You can now order Uplink using American Express credit cards. We've had quite a few people requesting this feature so we've finally given in and set it up. The American Express logo will now appear at the end of each of our order pages - click on that if you wish to use one of these cards.

Uplink has been reviewed on GameGreen.com. They seem to be under the impression that the full game title is "Uplink - The Hackers Shadow", but hey nobody's perfect. Click here for the full review.

Uplink has also been reviewed on Stratos Group. Click here for the review. They gave us 2.4 out of 5 - our lowest score ever, and only our second bad review out of about fifty. But no matter how you spin it, we're pretty dissapointed. You can read hundreds of good reviews and only one bad one, and the bad one always seems to make more sense. The author of the review can be contacted at baldy@stratosgroup.com. I'd be interested in seeing a discussion about the review on our forums as well. Here's a particularly biting quote from the end of their review. Ah well.

"Uplink is a dream for those interested in hacking, but a short-lived one. It is fun, and offers many choices, but those looking for some depth will be disappointed. Its flair and enjoyment eventually wear off, and you’ll find yourself wanting to watch Angelina Jolie and her beautiful blue eye-liner more than you'll want to play this shallow game (or maybe that’s just me)."

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