We've been working hard on getting Uplink in the shops

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We've been working hard on getting Uplink in the shops

Postby Chris » Thu Mar 28, 2002 1:00 am

We've recently been working hard on getting Uplink in the shops here in the UK, and it looks like we might just have made it. You don't appreciate just how much power these big buyers have until you deal with them. And you wouldn't believe the hoops you have to jump through, just to get around a table with them. We've had to totally redo all the packaging in a new DVD box, replacing the old CD cases in the process. We've had to sort out ELSPA ratings, bar codes, you name it. We're pretty happy with the result though - the new packaging is less "minimalist" but certainly looks more like a game. And yes, we've managed to keep all the "extra" features of the current packaging, in slightly different ways. Have a look at these shots of the packaging here - front and back.

The downside of this is that our production costs have gone up as well, meaning the cost of Uplink is going to go up a little. We're not entirely comfortable with this, but our hand has been forced. The UK buyers simply won't stock Uplink on the high street until our retail price matches theirs. This is going to translate into roughly £3.50 extra for Uplink - around $5.00. Ultimately it came down to a choice - continue web sales forever at £16.50, or increase the cost to £19.99 and get Uplink into the shops. We think we've made the right decision.

We've always been an open company, and we'd very much like to hear your opinions on the matter. We hope you'll agree that Uplink is still excellent value for money, and that we can now reach a wider audience through the high street. I've started a new thread on the "Uplink in Moderation" forum, so please post your thoughts on the matter. Let's try to keep it civilised. We'll be watching closely.

This also means there are now three versions of the Uplink game. The first version was hand made by myself, Mark and Tom - we printed our own labels and burnt our own disks. Maybe these versions will be worth something one day - we only ever shipped around five hundred so they're pretty exclusive ;) It is actually possible to determine which of us made the CD as well, although i'll leave that for you to figure out. The second version is the standard CD that we've been selling for the past five months, and the third version is the new DVD packaging version due to appear in shops soon. We'll continue the current version for one more week - as of next Friday you won't be able to buy them anymore. The new DVD case units will be the only ones for sale.

In other news

Ravenshadow has totally updated her popular Uplink site - have a look here.

Icepick has created a new Uplink site, and is currently hosting a number of excellent graphical conversions for Uplink. Have a look here.

Uplink is reviewed in this months PC-Format (UK), scoring 81%. Wahay!

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