Game Bible challenge has finally been completed!

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Game Bible challenge has finally been completed!

Postby Chris » Tue Mar 26, 2002 1:00 am

It appears that the Game Bible challenge has finally been completed by a few dedicated individuals! Icepick and Sarayan were the first to email me the special code at the end of the challenge, so they get the credit. Ender gets an honourable mention as well - he came in with the solution around three hours later. Well done to all three - that's some serious codebreaking and headbanging you've been doing.

Thanks to all those people who reviewed our game on - their page is starting to look reasonably presentable now. Have a look yourself by clicking here.

There is a review of Uplink on HardcoreWare Games. Click here to read it. This one's a three page review, with interview questions! Cheers guys. Readers with a very good memory will remember HardcoreWare wrote an editorial about "The lost genres" many months ago which made a fairly heavy mention of us.

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