We'd like to request your help again to aid the cause

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We'd like to request your help again to aid the cause

Postby Chris » Mon Mar 18, 2002 1:00 am

We'd like to request your help again to aid the cause - Uplink is going on sale on Amazon.co.uk soon, and they're going to need user reviews of the game. So we'd like to request that you visit Amazon and post your reviews of the game for us. The more positive comments Amazon get, the more attention they will give to the game.

Click here to visit the page on Amazon and write your reviews.

This is the first time i've ever been able to click on the button that says "I am the author and I wish to add a comment". Kind of surreal.

I'm glad everyone is enjoying their bonus disks. Everyone seems to be focussing on the Book2 stuff - and some real progress has been made. I've seen some really good ideas that are in the right direction. We'd love to hear peoples opinions on the rest of the material on the disk.

I've fallen behind on the "small" news items recently, so here they all are - roughly two weeks of updates in one go!

Uplink is mentioned in PCG magazine (UK) this month, as well as on the last page of Develop magazine (also UK).

We have a new review on GameSpy.com. Click here to have a look. Cheers guys!

There is a new review of Uplink at The Official Time Wasters Guide. Click here to read it.

There is a new Uplink fan site at this address. Looks pretty nice. Thanks to Arkanum for that.

There is a fantastic guide available here, written by Icepick (a regular visitor of this site who is responsible for 10% of all posts ever made in our forums). Highly recommended, contains some spoilers.

There is a desktopX theme for windows, which makes your desktop look like Uplink. Click here to have a look.

There is another new fansite at this address. There is loads of new material there. Thanks to Tony for that.

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