Uplink bonus disks and forum changes

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Uplink bonus disks and forum changes

Postby Chris » Tue Mar 05, 2002 1:00 am

The Uplink bonus disks are now available.

Finally, after months of waiting, we have finished production and are now shipping Bonus CDs to all who deserve them. We will not be selling these bonus disks - but you can get one for free (we will even pay for delivery) by convincing one other person to buy Uplink. It really is that simple.

More details on how to claim your bonus disk can be found here. In short, each time an order of Uplink is placed, a unique worldpay number is sent to the customer. If you can produce two worldpay numbers (from your copy and your friends copy) then we will send you a bonus disk. Click here for full details.

All enquiries about this should be directed to bonus@introversion.co.uk.

To all those people who are already due a free bonus disk (we promised them to people who had to wait longer than two weeks for delivery of the game, way back in December last year), we have already sent them out. The first disks should be arriving through people's letterboxes on Wednesday.

We also promised a number of bonus disks to people for "special" cases - eg a decent contribution to the Uplink cause. I don't have your addresses anymore, so please mail them to me at bonus@introversion.co.uk and remind me who you are and why you are due a bonus disk. Outlook Express wiped my inbox a few days ago, so I've lost all the ones I had stored.

Forum changes

Regular users will no doubt notice the forums have changed as well. We've been planning on doing this for some time, in order to address some problems with our old forum system.

In short, there is a new group called "Uplink in Moderation". This group will be monitored much more closely for posts that need to be deleted. It will be moderated fairly heavily. The intention is to make it possible for people to have serious discussions about Uplink, without having to worry about abusive posts being made which turn discussions into arguments and flame wars. We won't be removing critisism of the game - but we won't tolerate deliberately aggresive emails or too much bad language, or deliberately disruptive users.

We've merged the two bug report forums into one. The Linux bug report forum was simply not busy enough, and a lot of the bugs applied to both versions anyway. I've moved most of the new Linux topics over to the new bug report forum.

There is also another new group called "The Bonus Disk", since this new CD will no doubt be the hot topic of discussion for the next few weeks.

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