Introversion Software team are happy

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Introversion Software team are happy

Postby Chris » Fri Feb 15, 2002 1:00 am

It's fair to say that the Introversion Software team are pretty happy at the moment - i've just seen the new PC-Gamer UK review, and they gave us 80% and a stack of fantastic quotes. Have a read of this:

"It's perverse and brilliant; precisely the sort of work that should be coming from the underground, and a game which will be just as compulsive in three years' time, when the graphical rush of today's blockbusters have faded into obsolescence"

This one isn't our highest score - but PC Gamer is MY magazine - the only one that I buy religiously ever month. This one means a lot to me. Kieron Gillen was the reviewer, and he seems to have summed up exactly what we were trying to do in a few short lines. Thank you!

We've also just been informed that we won First Place in the category "Best Presentation of 2001", at the readers awards on GamingExcellence. You may remember I posted a request a few weeks ago, asking people to help us by voting. We managed (amazingly) to beat WarBirds and Civilisation III, which means a LOT of you have been voting on our behalf. A sincere thank you from us to all who voted for us.

We also have a couple of other reviews:

Review at GameGenie - click here to read it

Review at TuPlay - click here to read it

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