Time for the (roughly) monthly update to the world of Uplink

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Time for the (roughly) monthly update to the world of Uplink

Postby Chris » Wed Feb 06, 2002 1:00 am

Time for the (roughly) monthly update to the world of Uplink. This time I have only one real question to deal with - why the hell are we soooooo slow?

It's a fair question, and yes lots of people email me about this every day. What can I say - other than "sorry", and "it will be worth the wait". It comes down to a decision about quality and quantity - we could certainly have released two or three patches so far if we had wanted to, but we would prefer to release one patch which revitalises the game and sorts out the major issues in one go. This takes longer - remember how long Uplink took in the first place - but when you get the patch you will see the difference. You will appreciate why it took so long. Hopefully you'll pick up the game again and remember why you enjoyed it so much when you first found it. We've released details on some of the changes - but the biggest change of all has been kept pretty quiet, and it's specifically aimed at players who have finished the game and are now looking for more challenging things to do. In my opinion, this is infinately preferable to a slow process of gradual upgrades and changes over multiple patches.

On to more specific issues. The Bonus Disk has been finished for ages, and I am personally getting very frustrated at how long it takes to get them actually printed and sent to people. We have now sent the final master CD and artwork for the bonus disk to the printers, which means (fingers crossed) they are being printed and duplicated this week.

Some people have suggested we should have done the patch first, then the bonus disk. Yes, I agree. In hindsight, the patch should have taken priority. It's very easy to see these things in hindsight. But once you are committed to one particular option, it's generally better to finish it otherwise you end up with nothing. By the time we realised people wanted the patch more than the bonus disk, we'd already done 50% of the work.

Anyway, onto other news.

New review of Uplink on gamer.no - click here to read it. They score everything out of six (rather than five or ten, as most other sites do), but hey they gave us a pretty good review. As always, if anyone could provide an English translation (it's Norwegian) then we'd be very greatful. Hopefully they'll be doing an interview soon as well.

I've also heard that Uplink was reviewed in PC-Zone (USA), and received 70%. Thanks to Lee Tasker for sending a scan.

There is a new Uplink site up - click here to have a look. Thanks to OutSider for that.

This site has an article about the Uplink Demo. Click here to read it. We'd love an English translation of this.

Another piece of fiction - "Year of the Rabbit" part II, written by sonnybobiche ( sonnybobiche@netzero.net ). Click here to read it.

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