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It's typical

Postby Chris » Thu Jan 24, 2002 1:00 am

It's typical - you wait for months for people to write some fiction in the Uplink world, then two come along at once. Ah well. We've requested on a number of occasions that people have a go at writing hi-tech sci-fi for us, but nobody has taken up the challenge. Until now.

First up is a story by []Jabberwocky[/url] - click here to read it. Here is our local copy. This was posted on our forums, and there is a bit of a discussion going on about it right now.

Also submitted on the very same day, is an excellent story by []Sam Miller[/url] called "the Trace, part I". This was sent to me by email. Click here to read our local copy.

I've created a new section in the "Other Files" part of our website for these stories. Hopefully more people will get the idea and start adding their own works to the collection. We always love reading other people's stories when they are set in a world we created. The best ones will get plugged on this news page. As usual, please send to [][/url].

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