I just got back from London

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I just got back from London

Postby Chris » Sun Jan 13, 2002 1:00 am

I just got back from London and the Introversion Software bi-weekly gathering (myself, Tom, Mark and John all in attendance) and we finally got loads of stuff sorted out. We have some fantastic ideas and plans for future patches and addons for Uplink. Far more than just one patch anyway - I think i'll make some attempt to stage the releases, otherwise people will be waiting for ages. We are determined to make these patches worth the wait - of course they will have bug fixes, but we are more interested in getting new gameplay ideas into place as well. There was a great idea posted on the Forums a couple of days ago, involving Local Area Network attacks. This needs some thought, but I think it could add a whole new challenge for experienced (and bored) players.

The Bonus Disk master copy has been approved by the other guys now, which means we can go ahead with duplication and distribution. Once again, we'll be sidestepping the publishers and doing this all ourselves. More news soon on delivery times. Once again, don't start sending your worldpay numbers just yet.

There is an interview with us on UnknownPlayer.com - click here to read it. This was done on Irc, and we talked about quite a lot of stuff - including some thoughts on Uplink:Online. Review should be following soon.

We have been voted onto two of the "Game of the Year" lists at GameVortex.com. The first places us at number 4 in the "Best PC game of the year" award. Interestingly, Black&White came fifth. I'm not sure if we deserve that, but thanks ;) Click here for the full lists. The second award places us at number 8 in the "Best Action/Adventure" category. Click here to see the full list. Wow!

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