It's been a hectic few days

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It's been a hectic few days

Postby Chris » Thu Dec 20, 2001 1:00 am

It's been a hectic few days. You're probably aware that we went down again - this time for quite a bit longer. This wasn't actually due to the slashdot hit of a few days ago. We decided to make the move to our new server, but thanks to a couple of DNS problems we ended up shutting down the old site before the new one was up. Sorry about that.

So, fingers crossed, everything should be back to normal now. Our emails are now working (sorry to all those people who found emails to us were bouncing back). I've fixed the patch download links. The forums are working. Welcome back!

I've finally been able to pull the webstats out of our old site, and they make for pretty interesting reading around the time of the slashdot effect. Take a look at this picture from our webstats:


This is take from Saturday, 15th December. You can see our normal saturday hit rates last until 5pm - roughly 200 uniques an hour. We're pretty happy with that. Then the slashdot article goes up, and our hit rate soars to 2400 unique visitors in one hour - more than one new person every two seconds. About one hour after that, (around 8:30pm) the site goes down completely. We didn't notice for a while, since the entire Introversion Software team was sat in a bar outside London, getting increasingly drunk. Ah well.

It's amusing to note that we are still three times over our normal hit rate after this, even though our site server is down. This is caused by people accessing the site through cached web pages - either on their own computer or on their ISP webcache systems. Amazing.

Well, this is why we wanted to move to a new server, and we've done that now. We're pretty confident we will do a little better this time. In hindsight we should have moved earlier - we knew we had a high chance of appearing on slashdot, because we were on newsforge and the day before.

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