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Uplink at Evil3d

Postby Chris » Fri Dec 07, 2001 9:21 pm

There is a new article about Uplink at Evil3d.net - click here to read it. I would say that it is more of a review than an article, but they don't give an overall score.

We've been honoured by the Underdogs "Hall of Belated Fame". Click here to have a look at their site. The Underdogs is a fantastic site with tons of classic games that you have probably never heard of. I would certainly recommend "A mind forever voyaging" - an incredibly imaginative game in which you play a human being who is informed at the very start that he is actually a machine AI. Great stuff.

The Underdogs also has The Scratchware Manifesto - a deeply critical observation of the modern games industry, and a statement of intent to do something about it. This is required reading for anyone thinking about making games. Here is a quote:

We will work in the white-hot ferment of our own imaginations, striving to produce games of enduring merit, games so fine that generations to come will point to them and say, this, this was important in the creation of the great artistic form we know as games.

We will create, through sheer force of will, an independent games revolution, an audience and market and body of work that will ultimately redound to the benefit of the whole field, providing a venue for creative work, as independent cinema does for film, as independent labels do for music.

We reject the machine. We reject the retail channel. We reject big budgets and big teams. We reject $50 boxes of air. We reject end-caps and payments for shelf-space. We reject executives and producers who don't understand what they sell. We reject timidity. We reject the notion that "we know what works," and commit ourselves to finding NEW things that work.

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