The FAQ, Read before asking any questions

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The FAQ, Read before asking any questions

Postby Rkiver » Fri Jan 02, 2009 12:35 pm

This is a clean-up of the older FAQ that Flamekebab posted.

Also if a question is not answered here, please go read The Ultimate Uplink Guide.

Any questions that are answered quite clearly here or in the Guide will be closed and pointed to here or the Guide.

Q: HELP!!!!! How do you use the voice analyser???? I am talking into my mike but nothing

A: The "speak into your mike" message is just to attempt to emulate reality, all you need to do is:

1. Go to the company's public access server, save the phone number of the admin.
2. Phone the admin <also open the voice analyser and leave it running in the background>.
3. He will then speak, the voice analyser will say "recording voice pattern" and then it'll say "Analysing voice recording". After this point you can hang up, BUT LEAVE THE VOICE ANALYSER RUNNING!!!
4. Go to the voice check on the computer you're trying to hack, press the "playback" button

Q. How do I play multiplayer over a LAN???
A. You can't, there is no multiplayer, and there is no multimonitor.

Q: How do I destroy a mainframe?
1. Go to the console
2. Type in "cd usr"
3. Type in "delete"
4. Type in "cd sys"
5. Type in "delete"
6. Type in "cd log"
7. Type in "delete"
8. Type in "Shutdown"
9. Erase your log chain and then fast forward time until it shows up that the mainframe is down <in the Uplink news>
10. Reply to the mission email

Q: What is a log chain and how do I break it?
A: Every bounce leaves a log on the machine you bounced through, every chain of bounces should start with Internic <as it has no security, bar a simple password>. After you have finished you hack, go to internic and delete the logs there, but leave the log that says you connected to internic as otherwise it will look suspicious when there is only a log that says "connection from closed" but no opening log.

Q: How do give someone <assorted qualification>? Which field do I put it in??
A: I can't remember which field, but "If in doubt, fill 'em all out", put the qualification in all the boxes, update the record and then reply to the email from the employers.
A:If they say "This person requires a first class degree" change the number after the word class in the box graduate qualifications to 1.

If they say "Provide this person with the following University degree", example:
SUBJECT: Media studies

Write "media studies, class 1" in the box Graduate Qualifications.

If they say "We feel this person scored slightly too higly at his degree. Give him a 3d class replacement.

Do the same thing as in "This person requires a first class degree", but insted of changing the number to 1 change it to 3.

If they say "This person urgently requires a qualification added to his record" like for example 'Btec in it' add that qualification to the box Other Qualifications.

Q: hey how do you hack banks and get lots of credits
A: it depends on what you are hacking ; an account or the admin's account
if it's an account <which it usually is> then first find a trace a bank balance transfer mission then do will be left with an account with lots of credits in it.

2. get a hud connection analysis
3. get a proxy bypass
4. your ready to transfer...go to transfer money when your logged onto the persons account you want to rob
5. enter the ip of the bank your transfering to then your account number then get a proxy bypass and bypas the proxy server
6. click transfer....hurray! You're rich, but it's not over
7. go to bank statement and get a log deleter delete the statement saying you transfered x amount of money to x ip
8. then do the same with the statement at your bank
9. Break your log chain at internic.
10. If you got away with it you will recieve an email soon informing you of how far your rank has gone up.

Q: I deleted my link to Internic..Help!!!!
A: If you have the IP lookup, you can readd it, the IP is 458.615.48.651, if you don't your screwed. Get the latest patch, you can't delete the internic link with it.

Q:How does the motion sensor work?
A: You must leave the software running at all times <it can be found under hardware in the menu>, it will create a small black box at the top, under the clock. When this turns yellow, Uplink employees are near you gateway, installing parts, etc.. If it goes red, backup <if you have time> and then nuke your gateway <if you have a nuke>.
Also, if you have the motion sensor software, backed up elsewhere and you have nuked your gateway, run the software without the hardware <it should still work>. One more thing <SPOILER!!!!>, if you cheat <as I have on an account I use to mess around>, if you mess too much with the event que to avoid getting caught, you can get the sensor jammed on red, even though you're safe.

Q: I am doing a "Copy a database" mission and I have uploaded all the files that I can to the employer's fileserver, BUT there isn't enough space on it. What do I do?
A: Delete any non-mission files, then upload stuff over them. If there still is too little space then reply to the email and get less pay, that's just the way it is..

Q: I go to copy some files on a mission, but there are no files there, what do I do?
A: Either another agent got there first, or it's a bug. Either way, abandon the mission, you're screwed

Q:I have to delete a file from a server, but there are no files, urm..
A: It's a bug, just reply to the mail and you should get payed. Supposedly you can go to the console in admin and type
"cd usr"
This should work, but I can't check right now.

Q: I was disowned by Uplink, my agent has been kicked off, can I get back in and use my old account?
A: No, once uplink kicks you out it is game over <unless someone figures out a way to hex edit the .usr file to get back in>. You can back up you .usr file at any time by copying it and pasting the copy elsewhere. After some tragedy happens, simply delete the old .usr file and replace it with the copy <NB if you want to keep the game tense, don't do this>.

Q: how do i get past the locks on a lan?
A: either force them open using a lan force (the sysadmin will start hunting you down) or if you prefer the better way find the computer that controls it and hack it

Q: why can't i connect to this computer even though i've broken my mouse i've clicked it so many times
A: you probably need to find a computer highlited in yellow that says "valid subnet mask" spoof it then connect to whatever computer you couldn't before

Q: why does the connection suddenly terminate even though there is still time left on the trace?
A: the sysadmin (represented by the red dots) found you and booted you off

Q: how can i keep the sys admin from coming after me when i log onto the central mainframe?
A: you can't. work quickly

Q: why can't i find the phone number for the modem/wireless frequency?
A: hack the terminals. on one of them there will be the information you are looking for.

Q: What does the reset button do on the LAN HUD upgrade?
A: I think you use it when the system admin comes after you. It resets your connection and you can keep on working. Try it and see... <Anybody absolutly sure? If so tell me>

Q: How do I get the irc client?
A: Get a lot of money and buy it as a HUD upgrade. Avoid using it though, it's crap. Use almost any other IRC client instead!

Q: How do I crash servers using a virus?
A: First, get the Revelation Virus from ARC during the storyline. Then upload it to the server's memory banks. Then run it from the console; "run revelation".

Q: Ive got a message from an agent that says he's dead. I used his user name and password to try to get into ARC but they don't work! Ive made a new user, re-installed Uplink and reformatted my hard drive but it still says that! Help!
A: This is the beginning of the storyline. I think you need to try and break in, but perhaps not. Anyway, after a while <amount of time anyone?> you should recieve an email from ARC offering you a job. Take it and you should recieve Revelation v1.0. You can then choose what to do, use it as told by ARC, or side with Arunmor <I think you need to try and hack in> Then wait and Arunmor should mail you. Your choice. I need some help claryfing these details though, as I haven't done the storyline recently.

Q: Where the hell is the f***ing voice analyser in v1.2???
A: Set the resolution to above 800x600, it should appear. Also, why would you run it in a lower resolution, it isn't exactly demmanding..

Q: I'm having problems on the first mission, help!
A: Run the tutorial. Also check the Uplink Internal Services Machine, under "help".

Lan Hacking Guide

1. Have LAN_Scan, LAN_Probe, and LAN_Spoof. Also required (these should be obvious, but I'll list just in case), are The highest versions of Password_Breaker (for terminals and pretty much everything else), Decypher (For Elliptic-Curve on Authentication Comps, and I belive Isolation Bridges), Monitor/Proxy Bypass to keep the admin off your butt while you are hacking everything except the main server, IP_Lookup for any modem numbers you run accrss, and have the Administrators voice-print ready for playback on your voice-analyzer if you plan on hitting the Main server.

2. After Logging in to the LAN (the bounce right before the LAN should be a "trusted" connection, basically one that is the same company as the LAN), run your LAN_Scan program adn click the scan button on teh program to Scan as many Devices as you can.

3. After Scanning, go through and LAN_Probe every device you see, or every black box with white outline. Start with the ones closest to your connection and move outward.

4. Now is a good time to slap on your Monitor and Proxy bypasses, just in case.

5. Connect step by step to each device. For example, click on the hub, hit connect, click on the terminal, hit connect. THere may be a faster way, this is just the way I do it.

6. Hubs/Routers/Switches - Look like boxes with a bunch of light sand buttons on them, no security just connections.

7. Terminals - Look lik elittle computers, Password-Required Security. Make sure to note any Radio frequencies or Modem Numbers on any Terminals you hack, be sure to write them down.

8. Locks - Look like small blue diamonds with a Padlock icon on them. By default they are enabled, so they well block LAN_Probes until they are disabled. The status of these are controlled by Authentication Comps and Isolation Bridges.

9. Authentication Comps - Look like big computers, with a padlock icon on them. Password and Elliptic-Curve Security. When clicking on them, the lock it controls is highlighted by a yellow box (one lock per Authentication Comp). Locks are enabled on Authentication Comps by default, but once disabled, will remain disabled (unless you re-enable them) after you log off (or even quit Uplink).

10. Isolation Bridges - Look like small blue boxes with three computer icons on them. To be honest I can't remeber the security on these, its either Password and Elliptic-Curve or none (Will check tomorrow morning). Isolation bridges contro the status of two locks. Here's the trick. Isolation Bridges are DISABLED by default. FOr them to have an affect, you have to ENABLE them (took me awhile to get that. . When enabled, it will switch the status of the two locks. For example, if LOCK1 is enabled and LOCK2 is disabled, enabling the Isolation Bridge will cause LOCK1 to become disabled and LOCK2 to become enabled.

11. Modems - Looks liek a telephone, allows external access of LAN. Often, phone numbers are found on computers for Modems. RUn IP_Lookup adn typ teh phone number in (*****-******), and click go. This will add the LAN to your bookmarks, and accessing form the new location will connect you to the phone. This is often used to access areas of the LAN not accessible from the main switch.

12. Wireless Networking Transmitters (or just Radio Transmitters) - Looks like a radio transmitter, can't get much mroe experienced than that. . Used to connect different areas of the LAN without wires. Frequencies for these transmitters are often found on Terminals. Just enter the frequency and click connect.

13. Main Server - Looks like a computer with a tower. Password Security, plus requires the Administrators Voice Authorization. Here comes the fun part. No matter what bypasses you have on, upon connecting to teh Main Server, the SysAdmin smells something fishy. He will log on shortly after accessing the Main Server (you will hear an alarm if you have your sound on), and he will start a trace shortly after. While some peopel say its a good idea to hit reset now, it generally semms like the trace starts and continues anyway, so I just keep going. (Don't close your Voice-Analyzer after using it the first time, you may need to log into the LAN again to finish the job). Onc eyou are in, the Main Server is basically any Mainframe you hack into. But be quick, the SysAdmin will not wait for th etrace to complete before booting you. The most time you can hope for is 30-40 or before being kicked, the least 2 or 3 seconds (At least this was my experience on the ARC LAN, the trac started with 120 seconds remaining, I was often booted before it hit 100).

14. Yellow Boxes:
Contoller - ANy item listed as a Controller governs the status of the item you have selected; generally found on Authorization Comps or Isolation Bridges when you have a Lock selected.

Locks/Unlocks, Locks, Unlocks - THese boxes generally appear on Locks when you have an Authentication Comp or an Isolation Bridge Selected; it describes what functions they can perform on the locks.

Valid Subnet - These often appear around Terminals when you have an item slected that performs some function (Authentication Comp, Isolation Bridge, Main Server, could be anumber of things). Anythign and everything listed as a valid subnet must be spoofed using LAN_Spoof. Be sure to leave LAN_Spoof open after spoofing each terminal. After you are done with whatever item required the Valid Subnets to be spoofed, you can close the LAN_Spoofs.

Guarded by - I first noticed this whiel hacking the ARC LAN when I clicked the Main Server, the Guarded By box showed up on the three locks surroundign the Main Server. Basically it means you have to disable every lock before accessing the Main Server.

15. Other tips:

If for any reason you cannont connect to some item, such as a lock, terminal, Authentication Comp or whatever, check a few things. IF a lock is not disabled, you will not be able to connect to it. If you do not have all of an item's Valid Subnet's spoofed (make sure all of the LAN_Spoofs are still open), you also will no tbe able to connect.

Items in the LAN you can't seem to get to:

GO step by step through each item in the LAN. Everytime you disable a LOCK, run LAN_Probe on it again to make sure you've foun dall the paths. Also, IP_Probe only workes if you have awire connection to the item, so reuse LAN_Probe on the items tou can conenct to by wire to check for new openings. Also, if you have aradio transmitter o rmodem but no numbers, hack every terminal you can access adn write down anything you can find.

If for some reason you are booted or have to disconnect, don't worry. All locks you disabled will still be disabled. Also, if fo rexample you had time to hack teh passwor don the Main Server (for example), but not the Voice-Print, upon loggin back on you will have the Passowrd already done (once both are completed they will reset after disconnecting).

On the question about the dead agent's e-mail, you have to connect to ARC's central mainframe through another ARC server (search for "ARC" on Internic). You don't have to worry about going through anything special, you can just make the bounce path look like "ARC Access Terminal->ARC Central Mainframe". Next, you'd go into the user/password screen. Try logging in as the dead agent (his name and password will appear in the known password list) and disconnect. In exactly three days, ARC will send you the e-mail.

On the "how to destroy a mainframe" question, the "cd log; delete" is unnecessary, as the active trace would have passed that point already. Skipping that saves about five seconds.

I know how to set Uplink up for multimonitor, also, so you can complete the "multiplayer" question. What you have to do is start multiple copies of Uplink (you'll probably have to run them in seperate windows; full screen doesn't let you assign one instance to a display) with the main play window set up as the server. The other one or two windows should be set up as clients connecting to (or localhost). From there, the two client windows should be set for either of the two status modes available.

Finally, on the "disavowed" question, it's impossible to get your agent back. The second you are disavowed, your agent file is reduced to an extremely small file (usually less than 500 bytes) that only contain the reasons for your failure. Because of this, it's impossible to get back your agent file. Isn't Chris a bastard?

How do I frame somebody for a computer crime?

Firstly: Ever wondered what this 'log modifier' is for? Buy it!
Secondly: Don't accept two framing missions at one time!
1. Do the crimes/actions your victim shall be framed for.
2. Wait till the active trace is one hop away from the server where you'll change the logs.
3. Go to the server and change the 'routed' log that tells that your gateway request was bounced somewhere else. Use the log modifier on it and fill your victim's ip into the field with the ip of your gateway.
4. Anyone starting a passive trace now will think that your victim hacked the server.

About the sysadmin coming to get you on a lan.
connect to the main server, start doing your things, and then he's going to come after you. wait until he's close, then switch to the LAN_HUD_VIEW,and click back until you're in his red line. he's going to reconnect, and look again. all the while you're still connected to the main server.
if you reset your connection i think no changes get saved, you don't keep working.

Q: I activated Revelation on my computer, how do I get it back???
A: Smart move. Well, you can't get it back - you have just ruined it. However, all your information is there - the account, the rating. So you just have to buy a new computer, and buy again all your hardware and software. Could be worse, however...

Q: People don't want me to do their missions because of my criminal record! What do I do?
A: Hack the GCD (Global Criminal Database), find your record (by your nickname), and delete everything. I was told that in version 1 it makes problems, but I never tried it on V 1, so I can't tell...

Q: What do I need these new modems for?
A: Supposedly they speed up file transfers, useful on missions like "The Mole" - but not essential - another thing to spend your millions of useless credits on...

Q: How can I hack the Uplink bank?
A: you don't. You need a voice sample from the admin - and, as you can see, there is no admin.

Q: What do I do if I have too many users, and I can't see them all?
A: What do you need them for??? Anyway - you go to the Uplink directory <default: c:\Prgram Files\Uplink>, go the users directory, and delete the users you don't need. Or, if you need all of them (???), move some to another directory, temporary.

Q: What does this neuromancer rating do?
A: The neuromancer rating is what decides the type of missions you can do. Missions that decrease the rating are things like: destroy a computer, trace a hacker, ruin a life. Things that increase the rating are missions like: copy a file, bank transfers, imporving grades, social secuirty number recovery, etc...

Q: How do I crack VDPIN?
A: You can't but a strag. guide can be found at ... ctions.pdf
Uplink help: Read the FAQ
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Postby Flamekebab » Sat Apr 10, 2010 3:59 pm

Well done, that man. It needed a good scrubbing.
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Re: The FAQ, Read before asking any questions

Postby cst1992 » Sat Nov 27, 2010 12:14 pm

i have a update to be made here.
LAN does not require a trusted connection
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Re: The FAQ, Read before asking any questions

Postby obah » Fri Mar 18, 2016 10:12 pm

if a beginner fail the first mission, can he still accept missiosn to perfect himself?
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Re: The FAQ, Read before asking any questions

Postby leon007 » Tue Sep 12, 2017 8:22 am

Sorry for the bump but I have to post a VERY IMPORTANT tip.

Aeon wrote:Just a info for everone who didn't know.

During the 3rd Arunmor mission(TakeMeToYourLeader), you get another version of Revelation 1.0, which can't be run from your start menue.

It's still Revelation virus, It still can f*ck aroound other people's systems, But it can't actived from your own gateway.
Best Emasculated Virus, If you ask me.

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