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Postby =dB=Ed » Fri Oct 27, 2006 2:26 pm

MoonHill wrote:Yes, that was their plan. But not for everyone, just you.

The developers hate you soooo much that they specially made your copy of the game. Just to mess with your head.

Because they knew that all their false-advertising, with the gameplay pics and the descriptions of strategy and tactical control and eerie music would draw you in.

Fact is, this entire adventure, all the other players and the publishing of the game and the actual development of the game itself, including all the websites and advertising and so on and so forth, were really just an elaborate ruse to draw you in, get you to pay money for the game, just so they could piss you off with an endless loading screen.

And you fell for it.

Now, I wasn't privy to all the details, of course, but I think their dastardly plan also involved trying to get you to use ill-written and grammatically suspect english to imply that they didn't know english very well.

It's amazing how well their schemes have worked out.

I have read a lot of threads in my day, but this is now definitly in my top 10 favorite replys. Excellent work!

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