lag when recording

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lag when recording

Postby Bob3104558 » Sun Nov 04, 2012 9:07 pm

Hey guys, i have recorded a couple of episodes and i seam to be getting a lot of video lag. If you watch my lets plays you can see what im talking about. When i first start to record its fine, around 45 fps but the longer i record and the more i move the camera around the map, im on a small map, the more it lags, and will eventually drop to around 5 fps. I have a pretty good gaming computer, q6600 2.6ghz processor, 8gb ram, nvidia 560ti with newest drivers. Without recording and in fullscreen i get 60 fps, i tryd making it windowed i only got around 30 fps even tried lowering the resolution and no help. I am using bandicam btw.

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