An idea, (just started modding, help for awesome mod idea)

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An idea, (just started modding, help for awesome mod idea)

Postby vcordie » Sat Oct 11, 2008 8:08 pm

Hey, just started modding, and I totally suck at it, though i would be good for testing, lol, anyway lets cut to the point, anyone remember the civil war mod? The frontline level has totally gotten stuck in my head, and ive been searching for a mod like that, What i was thinking of sorta a frontline campain with a bit more storyline, and a alot more levels, it would make for great game play, and it just love the war part. Since im no good at modding, or scripting, or anything except accutally playing the game, though i havent really commited myself to modding so thats why im not good at it, i would be a tester if anyone wanted to accutally try to make this mod? sorta a big civil war mod plus more, but more on the frontline aspect of it if you know what I mean. So my question is, Anyone up to it?

thanks for reading.

Edit: Ok, Im trying my hand at scripting, and its become a lot easier with TGF's Diabolical Scripting Tool, So hopefully I wouldn't be completly useless at making the mod, I could help with the scripting part, What I suck at though is the map making, I just cant make my own maps, They either look completely flat and sucky, or some unpassable blob, This is why I hate the sims.
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