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Strategic Command Tutelage

Postby asda653 » Thu Feb 19, 2009 4:01 am

I very recently procured Defcon during a day trip to the US, for 4 bucks! A legit copy from Big Lots. I'd been looking at the game for awhile and liked what I saw.

Now that I have it and have played a couple rounds, I'm excited yet at the same time hopelessly confused.

Anyone out there willing to give me some one-on-one strategic tips and tutoring? At the moment, I can't even beat AI 1 on 1. I think I've got correct defenses down, but I keep getting whipped in naval engagements and have no idea how to retaliate against ICBM strikes.

My timezone is GMT -8 if anyone's interested, and I usually log on in the evenings (around 7-9/10). Not very often on weekdays mind you, I got homework! On weekends, I'm usually on 8/9pm-12am.
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Postby aikidrew » Sat Feb 21, 2009 1:43 pm

Welcome to the defcon commnity first of all. :)

The computer has only one mode: attack, which includes a missle launch around 1:30:00 into the game (unless enough silos are damaged to warrent an ealier launch).

So some tips for playing the cpu:

1 slow clock down to 1x speed - the computer is better the faster the game goes.

2 dont place subs with other ships in fleet - they slow the whole fleet down

3 keep bombers (most effective naval tool) at a distance from naval engagements. Close enough to fire (firing range shown by touching item with curser), but far enough away that the enemy cant see them or would have a hard time reaching them. DONT launch bombers into battle directly you will lose them. Skirting at a tangent (if you know your geometry) is usually best. Pick off enemy bombers with fighters. Battle ships are there to be chewed up - front line, but keep your carriers at a safe distance.

4 scout out silos to hit before that 1:30:00 with fighters and focus on taking out placements (radar, silos, airports) before hitting population centers.

5 get subs into place for a quick launch on unscouted silos when they launch and show themselves.

6 either launch you silos well before 1:30:00 or after most/all of incoming nukes have either exploded or been taken out. If you launch early the computer will target your silos which means fewer nukes heading towards cities. Silos are the only defense against nukes so you want them functioning as anti aircraft when the nukes come in.

7 and perhaps most importantly - play play play - humans are MUCH harder than the computer and need very different strategies. Delve into the forums esp general and strategic there are LOADS of tips and most any question you can think of has been asked already (prolly several times).

8 watch games, talk to people, get to know who is good AND willing to share their knowledge.

9 Expect to lose quite a bit in the beginning because like the box says - everybody dies.

10 I am in a very similar time zone so I'll look for you and we can practice together.

11 Nice use of the word procure. :)

See ya soon.


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