[Giveaway] Darwinia, multiwinia, defcon, uplink

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[Giveaway] Darwinia, multiwinia, defcon, uplink

Postby JackLeach » Wed Mar 10, 2021 11:55 am

Hello all again, So I just bought Prison Architect because it is the weekend deal and I have been looking to get it. So I got the above 4 games in a bundle. I already had them from a steam sale two years ago. So now I am doing another giveaway.

Once again we will be doing a random number but this time between 1-500.

You may only win one of the games but please in your comment say your the order of the one you want the most to the one you want the least. and by this I will determine who wins what.

So for example lets get three people guessing

The number is 30

One person Guessed 28

game 1

game 3

game 2

another guess 33 1.game 2 2. game 1 3. game 3
VidMate Mobdro

so there the first person will get game one and then the next since the second game is the one they wanted will just get game 2. So like that. :) good luck!

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