Recreating a War Room

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Recreating a War Room

Postby CU_Rocky » Wed Apr 20, 2016 8:33 am

Howdy ya'll,

Long time player, first time posting.

I've played DEFCON since high school but kinda stopped after I went to college. Other stuff going on with friends and studies and finding new avenues for goofing off. One such one was Model United Nations. My school's club is pretty fun and one thing we do every year is a high school conference. We are well known in the state circuit and considered one of the premier meets to go to. We pull out all the stops, make dossiers for cool committee like a Future Security Council, Conference of Nations Berlin 1886, and last year we did a really cool committee simulating tensions in the South China Sea with war rooms for both ASEAN+ USA and the PRC military command.

I am working with our high school conference director to make a similar war room situation but we are thinking 1985 USSR v. USA and I remembered how fun it was to play around with this game.

My question to you all wonderful people is how to bring this game into the conference? I was thinking of having the moderator (a club member that facilitates debates and stands in for the commander and chief for each side while the attendees roleplay being advisers and military commanders) control the nation and deployments while keeping the game at slow pace.

What are your thoughts? Criticism? ideas? Any mods that might make the experience more interesting?
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Re: Recreating a War Room

Postby Laika » Tue Aug 27, 2019 1:24 am

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