Player T'Pol is a so-called "Nuke Bunker" (aka azzhole)

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Player T'Pol is a so-called "Nuke Bunker" (aka azzhole)

Postby - Tobias - » Sun Mar 19, 2017 3:54 pm

You can learn a lot about the character of a player when you see how they react to having their game expectations bubble burst. How does a player react when, contrary to their expectations, the tide of battle turns decidedly against them?

Some players rage quit. Some players, it seems, turn to so-called "nuke bunking." Player T'Pol (ID 11039692), I observe, is one of the latter types. In his hubris, he could not accept defeat.

Instead, he says:

1. "You will pay for that." Even though he recognized that he lost within the rules of the game, he nevertheless felt compelled to violate the rules so as, to his mind, his defeat would not count (or some other strange psychological bent.)
2. "Yes, I can troll too." I'm not sure what the implication of his (false) accusation that I trolled means. Is he just making up a false claim to assuage his bruised (quite fragile) ego? Perhaps this again offers insight into the strange psychological rationalizations which he performs to somehow justify, to his mind, his decision to go outside the rules of the game by employing an exploit (namely, "nuke bunking").
3. "No one will win or lose. bye bye" The admission that he knew the outcome of what he had done was wrong.

Player T'Pol, it seems, has discovered a method of launching nukes so as to exploit pathfinding and cause them to never detonate, thus never being counted as used, and causing the timer to never start. There's not much that we can do about such weak excuses for "players," except to remind each other that they exist and to identify them to each other when they are discovered. It would also be nice, of course, if diligent server administrators would ban them.

Here's the recording of the game: ... 6-20.dcrec

If you watch the recording you can see that Player T'Pol (who has by now changed his name to asterisk [*]. perhaps as some sort of strange additional psychological rationalization mechanism) takes his bombers to "the black" or "the void" or "the space" outside the game area and launches his nukes on the game edge (seam). The bomber nukes can be seen floating around in space thereafter. I was unable to see the equivalent method he used to get the silo and sub nukes to launch into the netherworld.

Here's a link to a previous post where Player Rad Poison explains the concept of "nuke bunking:" viewtopic.php?f=10&t=60417#p607618

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