[Suggestion] Alternative Victories

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[Suggestion] Alternative Victories

Postby Darkrious1 » Sat Nov 07, 2015 11:46 pm

In short summary who would like to see alternative victories using gangs and or other entities.

I'm talking like 'Gang Domination' (One gang to rule them all). Flush out all rival gang leaders and all of their members to win a domination. Alternatively you could win a 'Conquest' Victory as a 'softer victory'. Capture all rival enemy territories and hold them for 24 hours to win by conquest. All zones that can be captured minus Security Offices e.i Yards, and Common Rooms especially useful for larger prisons.

Kill the Warden or Take Over. Take out the warden and at least 2/3rds of the prison guards to win a takeover victory. Can be increased to all administrative staff...

Escape: Standard as it is now. You and your squad escape.

Great Escape: Lead your gang (red, green, or blue) to freedom. All alive members must escape to win. This will require 'gang leader' abilities in escape mode to be effective. If no gangs then the entire prisoner population. (obviously works more efficiently with smaller prisons and maps.)

Any other ideas, or expansions of the ones listed above.
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