[Suggestion] Balancing out Evil Prisons with Whistleblowers?

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[Suggestion] Balancing out Evil Prisons with Whistleblowers?

Postby Authorman » Tue Sep 15, 2015 10:06 pm

Right now there isn't much to balance out against the nightmare 24/7 solitary hellhole prisons that have been featured in some of the recent Alpha videos.

My thought is to add a Whistleblower tag on certain prisoners with a higher spawn chance on high security high problem low reform prisons. This tag pushes them to contact the media through phonecalls and smuggled notes during visits to expose the abusive nature of your institution. There could be a media tracking bar to indicate the prevailing public opinion on punishment which gets pushed soft based on whistleblower exposés or hard based on high death or escape rates. This raises or lowers the chance of mayor demands random events in one way or another.

As an evil warden, you could choose to cut off said whistleblower from contact with the outside world, which might force him to pass notes along to other (potentially undiscovered) whistleblowers which you could aggressively search out. Or if you wanted a permanent solution, maybe give the (very expensive and risky) ability to assassinate problem prisoners. It seems too gamey to just be able to shoot them with Armed Guards like Tropico, but maybe you can contract out a hit to a prison gang, which gives a potential benefit for keeping them around. Well at least if you're an evil bastard. :twisted:

edit: Also maybe as a way of affecting public opinion, a public relations option on the tech tree. Expensive, but helps keep public opinion in line with your style and keeps the mayor off your back.
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Re: [Suggestion] Balancing out Evil Prisons with Whistleblow

Postby terminalinsanity » Wed Sep 16, 2015 6:52 am

I'd like this, as well as an inspector to check conditions and give demands/suggestions

Escorting a VIP / inspector through a prison might be fun too

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