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[MOD] Town Re-Converssion Mod

Postby NativeFighter » Tue Sep 08, 2015 1:12 am


Hey everyone!

I decided to post this topic today for the simple reason I have created two mods now, one of which is getting really really cool, and I felt not enough people knew about it.
My town mod, also known as: French police and city mod, aims at modifying the game into more of a 'City Architect' kind of game. Down below is a list of current features:

Guards and Staff:
- New police skins.
- New vehicules.
- GIGN units.
- ERIS as armed guards (public security in France).
- Cooks now Fast-food staff.
- Most staff such as workers and janitors re-skinned.
- Doctors look like french doctors.
- Emergency services re-skinned.
- Warden is now a Mayor.


Prisoners and Cells:
- All prisoners are now citizen.
- Citizen have actual citizen skin rather than prison clothes.
- Citizen live in Houses (no more cells).
- A prison system is put in place, solitaries are now jail cells.

New Buildings / rooms:
- Police HQ (not any different from normal police station (security room) but i'm trying to make it different in some way).
- Court House. Citizen can attend a reform program in the courthouse to study rights. This gives them a qualification to go on and work in a lawyer office.
- Lawyer office. Currently, citizen will walk around the room and get money, but I am planning to make them arrange some files or do stuff like that.
- Most rooms renamed, such as medical center, park, public shower etc.

New objects:
- Beds modified.
- A reception in which citizen will come to report crimes (reducing their safety need).
- A public Sink which citizen have to pay to use.
- A nice sink made for home furniture.

And much more...

___________________________________MOD: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=483800948____________________________________________________

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